The Story

“Failure to think about how climate change might impact our globally interconnected system is a failure of imagination”

“As in any military defense and security strategy, time is our most precious resource.”

The Age of Consequences Film
An investigation of the impacts of climate change on resource scarcity, migration, and conflict through the lens of national security and global stability.

Creating Our Recovery Systems

Our natural environment encompasses the interaction of all living species and non-living things that are our natural resources, – our common wealth, – essential for human survival and economic activity.

Restoring Our Environment

Pollution, climate change, and population growth are all threats to biodiversity. These threats have caused an unprecedented rise in the rate of species extinction. Some scientists estimate that half of all species on Earth will be wiped out within the next century. Conservation efforts are necessary to preserve biodiversity and protect endangered species and their habitats.

Restoring Our Biodiversity

“Natural capital” refers to the earth’s natural resources and the ecological systems that provide vital life-support services to society and all living things. These services are of immense economic value; some are literally priceless, since they have no known substitutes. Yet current business practices typically fail to take into account the value of these assets — which is rising with their scarcity. As a result, natural capital is being degraded and liquidated by the very wasteful use of resources such as energy, materials, water, fiber, and topsoil.

Creating Our Economic Systems

Three long fuses lead back to the world’s biggest carbon bomb: The Canadian Tar Sands. The fuses are pipelines – existing and proposed – that run from the black sludge lakes and devastated landscape of northern Alberta, Canada to marine ports where oil producers hope to ship tar sands crude oil to world energy markets.

Creating Our Energy Systems

Creating Our Systems

Creating the Story